Sisters serving sisters.  Vessels is our network of PT women who are eagerly ready and willing to serve other women using their gifts and talents.  if you are in need of support, guidance, or advice, you have an army of Christian women who are here for you!

Vessels Services:

Spiritual Guidance  |  Emotional Support Employment Connections  | Legal Advice  |

Medical Advice Mother Support  |  Student Support  |  Wisdom


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Are you available to serve a PT sister at least once per year?  If so, become a Vessel today!  Any woman can join the network by simply telling us her name, gifts or talents, and how often she would like to be used in a given year.  We will honor your availability and only contact you as often as you’ve indicated.  If you are busy, but desire to serve, here’s your opportunity to be used by God to do great work!

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“Our vision is for every woman at Pentecostal Tabernacle (PT), young and old, to see herself as a vessel in the hand of God to be filled and poured out to help others through her gifts and talents.”- Elder Lady Carmen Greene